Arsenal transfers 23/24

Truth_hurts and wilf zaha

Name a bigger obsession :joy:

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You still want Bogle @Truth_hurts? :eyes:

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Thought you were being naughty and offering him some bugle there for a second



Listen, I’ll take an L on that one but there were people here hankering for Aaron’s and Buendia in a 65m double swoop.


I’m fucking with you. Aarons was the biggest scam around, surprised nobody bit. Norwich were too greedy with the fees they asked and now they’re stuck with him.


But should we overturn the apparant (squad)plan(ning), because we have happened to have fallen in a title race? Or just keep a steady course and continue on the current course and keep building at that foundation?

Go for gold in my opinion. Your future is much more secure if you pin yourself back amongst Europe’s elite (trophy winners and challenging for titles). Bringing in young talent without becoming competitive creates a Dortmund model where top youngsters develop and then leave. The sweet spot is talented players about to enter their peak.

Given the choice of say Zaha/Trossard vs Mudryk, I’m taking the former options. Ideally though, we go for a Raphinha, Torres, Dembele, Napoli winger with really long name or Leao.

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You can’t wish Zaha into a transfer, you crazy man!


Watch me try talk it into fruition!

I love this energy. Let’s manifest it.

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Apparantly there is this grand plan in place. Just like a very bad season (us finishing 8th or not getting in the Champions League) hasn’t been a reason to divert from it (firing Arteta) a string of good results shouldn’t be either. Stay the course then I’d say.

Players have always been leaving Dortmund and will be leaving Dortmund. Even when they won titles. Gotze, Kagawa, Hummels: the list goes on. Because they can’t offer the same in club stature and financially. That will be our fate too. Henry, Vieira, Toure, players have been leaving whilst winning titles. We just aren’t Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.


My point is that I’d value short term success over long term sustainability. Win the Champions League next year at the cost of Saka, Mar9, Saliba and Jesus all leaving 2 years after? Yep, I’d take it.


Wonder when that was.

My prediction for his next destination is PSG.

Brilliant footballer. Not sure where he goes though?

There will be teams in for him.
Chelsea and Man Utd will surely be looking for a young forward. Barca and Madrid will have a look if Atleti are willing to do business.

Bayern are also looking for a young forward.

Key for him now is to have a good World Cup. Scored a nice goal against Ghana the other day but he was bang average aside that. Needs to step it up.

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I’m sure Ronaldo has told him all about the wonderful facilities at United


Would be an outrageous signing :slight_smile:

Mercurial talent. I think once he moves on from Simeones anti-football., we will get to see what he can really do. Very underrated IMO. No chance we can afford him unfortunately.