Arsenal transfers 22/23

Can’t comment on the fee in relation to his current ability or potential but i like the profile and strategy.

Big sample in Italy at 19 is impressive.

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7 goals and 4 assists for a full back


Glad we’re in the market for fullbacks tbh.

If you look at what we might put out tomorrow because of some injuries, it’s pretty embarrassing tbh.

Tavares and Cedric ain’t going to get you top four hun.

And given how reliant we are upon the fullbacks (as are most elite teams these days), we need to buy some fucking quality there.


I think Cedric is good enough for a squad player. He’s just not good enough when you’re playing good teams.

Our problem, is no matter how good our fullbacks are, they can never stay fit. And then you end up with Cedric/Tavares as your first choice, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Imagine if we could go a whole season with Tomi and Tierney staying fit.


This would be a great signing.

Molina, Tierney, Tomiyasu and Hickey would be fantastic full back depth.

3 from the Serie A. Damn farmers league :eyes::eyes:


exactly. Don’t need another Willian.

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Conte is waiting to see what his new club is. :grinning:


Did the club cheap out with Nuno maybe? I consider him deadwood already ngl

I said last summer KT should be the back up, and we should bring someone in better than him.

Nah this is hilarious. How do Napoli get done like this repeatedly :joy:

Am I the only casual Serie A watcher that never noticed this lad? L

I don’t think I’ve seen a more two-footed player in my life. This is crazier than Cazorla, Pedro, etc.

One clip you think he’s right-footed, the next he’s left footed…



You think Napoli got done when they lost out to Arsenal over Pepe :thinking:

They will when we swap deal them him for Osimhen.


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Shame he’s staying put then, you don’t fuck with ADL

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Do people think CL will be detrimental to us signing Youri and Gabriel?

In respect of Tielemans I think it could be as there will be other clubs in Europe that will be in for him. Gabriel Jesus is still possible, based on the project and the fact he has a pre-existing relationship with Arteta.

No and no, I think the Dybala transfer will be the only thing that we need CL football for, if we’re really interested

Such a meh signing. Watched him sulk around the last few years. He’s talented but I just don’t like him for some reason.


I will not say no to Dybala on a free, seems like the ideal profile for Arteta at CF

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Yeah, I guess. I worry about his lack of physicality. Maybe that’s just my perception.