Arsenal transfers 22/23

Media are running wild with the Elneny rumours.
It isn’t even fucking confirmed ffs. Fuck that journalist that suggested it during presser and very bad from Mikel not to navigate around it.

We’re getting rinsed for whoever we bring in midfield, if we bring someone that is.

If Arteta gets run over by a bus we’re fucked too


I still harbour resentment towards Chelsea for how they nicked Mudryk off of us. If we can get Caicedo that will go some way to restoring some sort of order…at least in my brain :).

What was he supposed to say though? Elneny is healthy? Just straight lie? Not saying I have an issue with him lying but what’s a reasonable response.

And we were going to get overcharged no matter what because we already broadcast to the world that we’d spend 90m on Mudryk. It’s a nonissue.

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Would’ve downplayed it for now while the window is open, if we’re actively looking for a midfielder that is.

More than used to bs in pressers/interviews from Wenger so a quick little fib from Mikel wouldn’t hurt.

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Any word on Chiesa @GC-Maniac

Hearing 20mil euros…would be a good signing.


Zero chance lol


Yeah wishful thinking.

We got a better chance of signing Enrico Chiesa for 20m.

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Fuck, what a player he was.

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It’s his father I think he played for about 50 clubs

I don’t want us to sign a midfielder on a permanent deal, because this will affect what we can do in the summer and our top targets are not going to be available now.

Barca in financial difficulty so let’s go all in for Franck Kessie on loan for the rest of the season. Would provide perfect cover/rotation in midfield and allow us to challenge in the Cup and EL.

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Which one would you prefer?
  • Amadou Onana
  • Martin Zubimendi
  • Declan Rice
  • Moises Caicedo

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What kind of midfielder would you prefer now?
  • Stopgap
  • Best available
  • Young unproven

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Well Rice is only a summer possibility not January and we need one now.

Not opposed to a loan but would happily see us slap £50m-70m on Zubimendi or Caicedo.


I wonder how good White would be at #6. Obviously capable with the ball, and has played in the position in the past.

If it’s a possibility, and not too much of a downgrade (I don’t think he’d be worse than Sambi), then there’s the possibility of pushing hard from Fresnafa, and having him as a backup for Tomigol, if our tanned hunk was forced into CM in a pinch. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah, I agree. I like Rice the best but I don’t think there’s too much in it between Rice, Caicedo, and Zubimendi. Different players for sure. But if the club really does rate all three and have all of them on the list (not a sure thing, but if so) then I don’t see the point of passing on Caicedo or Zubimendi just to hold out to potentially sign Rice in the summer.

My worry is that none are really available at a feasible price and so its more a choice of some really crappy loan versus signing Weston McKinnie for 35m or something like that.

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I’d rather wait for Rice and pray on Partey’’ health and fitness this season.

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The good thing here is that we arent looking for a striker, when we desperate for a player in that position the players available were lacking. Not many of them around, or moving at all.

Now we need a CM, there are plenty and different options, so I expect us to fill that position before the deadline, we have enough time and clearly have the funds.

Love to see more people jumping on the Declan Rice bandwagon. Weird player tbh. Tough to get onboard until you actually pay close attention to him.
Woth all due respect to Caicedo, Zubimendi and Onana, Rice is better than them and has a higher ceiling. Arteta could help him become a big, big player for club and country.