Arsenal Transfers 2022

I think the only way Jimenez fits in here is just how quickly he gets red cards in big games. We’d welcome him with open arms here.

In terms of other options, I’d go with:


All as potential secondary back up strikers to Osimhen or Jesus, whoever we opt for.

Pic of the fella


I’ve seen this but didn’t think much of it. You would think one of Fabrizio or Ornstein would be all over it.
We’ll see. We signed Martinelli and Mari similarly (under the radar) so I wouldn’t disregard this.


Looks like a worse version of Pepe :slight_smile:

19 and his hairline is fecked

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Brazilian Foden

Sign him up ,it’s Rocky Rocastle reincarnated


Fabrizio tap-in, it’s happening…

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Anyone YouTube’d him yet? He any good?

Yes, he looks ass. :joy:

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Oh god

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Nah, I was kidding. I’ve seen some clips but I can’t really tell much from them.
Looks like a low risk move tbf. I don’t mind them. If he works out good, if he doesn’t we’ll probably make our money back.


Wrong Marquinhos from Sao Paolo, get the other one in ffs

Sign fde jog. Snd will be oky


Drunk @bl1nk :arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

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Fuck off!!!


You’re drunk?

I found this compilation of his game against Racing Club last summer in the Libertadores. Decent level of competition by South American standards and pretty good showing given he was only 18 at the time.

I know nothing about him otherwise but for 3m it seems like a good punt.

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Euros too, it’s essentially a nominal fee or they’ll lose him for free.
Screams “Edu” this move. Need to see more of this from him.