Arsenal Transfers 2022

Some can say there is nothing to lose with a loan, but it does seem that this player has quite an injury record, so while he is coming in to make up for lack of numbers in CM there is the risk of a Denis Suarez repeat. There is risk with everything but I hope the club weighs it all up properly.

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Yeah Arthur fitness and commitment has been a concern for a while now

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Brazilian paper says we have an agreement with Arthur but still negotiating with Juve. Also claims we want him on loan for the rest of the season with an option to buy in the summer.

We also know that Juve don’t want to let him go unless they can replace him and they players that they want to replace him are hard to get.

Won’t be surprised if we move our attention elsewhere.

Scratch that, looks like we may be getting him after all, and in time for the NLD.

Who wants to create the player thread?

Sounds like you’re offering.

Anybody else reporting this? Unlikely that we get this all done by tomorrow noon, need an agreement ASAP and then a medical. Imagine he goes straight into the team if we rush this through

I don’t know too much about him but we need an Arthur at Arsenal, I like the name Arthur I have a cat called Arthur.

Pls not permanent.

No signings??? @GC-Maniac, do your magic



Fucking imagine. :rofl:

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Nah, he can fuck off.

Isn’t he like 35 now anyway?!

He was 35 when he was back at Chelsea :grin:


Nah he is Nigerian only 21 :rofl:

Has he scored in the last 5 years ?

Please fuck no 🤦

Lord Arteta


The real sign of progression for us as a club here is that Zaha is now blurred out in the background of our transfer rumours rather than being the focus of them.

Look at how far we’ve come, I’m so proud of us :xhaka2: