Arsenal Transfers 2022

Now we’re talking

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I’d love him here… was always such a reliable lad on my FIFA career

FYI, this for the summer.

Judging a player negatively before they’ve even signed for your club is just one of the perks of being a fan.

There’s nothing wrong with Arthur as a player. As many have mentioned, he can be a tidy on the ball guy, but he’s had injury issues, got bombed out of Barcelona unceremoniously and while his last run-out was positive, he is not pulling up trees at Juve.

If the club want to look under the hood for six months before making a permanent offer, I get that, but it’s a little underwhelming for me.

Not a big fan of him I kind of think he drifts in and out of games a bit too much. Nice on the ball but concentration is a little lax.

Wouldn’t be angry at all if we signed him but definitely not my first choice

He feels like an Arsenal signing from six or seven years ago. Very late era Arsene. Neat on the ball, a little slack in focus, maybe some injury issues.

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Arthur or Tielemans?

Tielemens is a quality player but is he what we need?
Surely we need to sort out the striker situation before getting a midfield player.

It sounds like these discussions are for a summer transfer. I’d say we need to address both positions (striker, CM) before the start of next season if we want to go anywhere as a club.



Midfielder is more urgent than a CF imo. We need someone to start in CM for the next month and ideally keep starting next to Partey after that.

At least at CF we have a starter which seems to be working (as unpopular as he is here) - whilst relying on just him is stupid, it’s less stupid than relying on non-existent midfielders.


I don’t see Leicester letting him go to a PL competitor in this window anyway.


I’m also still not sure what type of CM we need next to Partey anymore or whether we even plan around Partey.

I’d almost be tempted to go for Tielemans and a DM in the summer. Bin Xhaka and have Partey providing competition but that’s a lot to ask.

Tielemans would be a great purchase overall. Wonderfully two footed and has a really good eye for a through pass even if he isn’t the most refined on the ball (in the way Thiago is for example). He isn’t the most agile or mobile midfielder either thinking about it but definitely a huge upgrade looking at our current selection. And his age / experience is just the right blend.

With 12 months left on his contract, it would be great to pinch him. We’d need CL football though as I imagine he’ll have a few suitors.

United should be all over this transfer, they badly need a player of his profile.


WTF is a Lino da Cruz Souza?

I think Arteta wants a left-sided CM that is more mobile and dynamic going forward than Xhaka.

We play this midfield tactic a lot where it looks like a double pivot at times but at other times it flips and it looks like a 4-3-3 with Odegaard the attacking 8 on the right side, Partey as the single pivot, and the other guy moving forward and looking like an attacking 8 on the left.

Xhaka has tried to do this in the last month at times, but he’s not that well suited for it because of his lack of mobility and limited threat going forward. Patino was running around like a headless chicken on Sunday trying to figure out this role. My guess is that Arteta wants a fully formed player who can do it. A player like Gundogan (who did this kind of thing a lot for City the last few years) is maybe the template.

I think Lokonga is basically Partey’s understudy and being groomed to back him up and take that role eventually if he is good enough.

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I can’t say that I have seen much of Arthur, but I like Tielemans, notwithstanding his shocker against City the other week. Always a good transfer strategy to weaken your direct rivals.

Agree with you though that this wouldn’t be one for this window, but maybe a potential one for the summer, with just 12 months left on his contract. Good replacement for Xhaka IMO.

Both, one on loan the other in the summer
Arthur will be announced soon.
Then we’ll move on to our second choice striker Jonathan David.

Tbh guys, I was moreso asking @SRCJJ about who this opinion was about:


Tielemans but is applicable to both lol

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Who would’ve thought that a club could delay a move until they find a replacement. Groundbreaking stuff here.

Fabrizio is so shameless when it comes to stealing news from Di Marzio.

Anyway, Juve looking at RLC, Sanches and Guimaraes.