Arsenal Transfers 2022

I think a club with more resources could risk it but for us it’s too risky as it stands.

Without the fitness issues he’s an immense CB but we need someone who is there practically every game like VVD.

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He played 30-ish League games for Lyon on a consistent basis tho.

We should be able to get both in and a winger. Gtfo that Arsenal can’t spend 100 million with increased TV reveneus, new sponsorship kicking in etc. Umtiti is not going to cost more than 40/50 million I reckon. Barcelona needs to get rid if they 're going to add another couple of players besides De Jong. I hope those United and Juventus cunts stay out of it.

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If we could get Umtiti that would be a massive improvement.

Go all in on de Ligt! Already a leader at 19.

Generally thought, we need to offload quite a few players. It’s not just the quality, it’s the mentality too. We need players who aren’t complacent. Whilst I hope we go out and get some talent, mostly in defence. We do need a top CB. Kos is getting old and is injury prone. I think we have quite a few youngsters who could be given a chance in the midfield and on the wing. Although I’d love to get a top class winger.

If we are to keep Özil and use hime effectively, we need to make sure he is protected. I love Tor/Xhaka combo and we need to replace Ramsey.

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God, we so badly need to get rid of some deadwood this summer. Mustafi HAS to be the highest priority in getting off our books, even if we make a loss, can’t be dealing with another season of his calamity nature.

Elneny, Jenkinson, Lichtsteiner all need removing from the club the most as well. It’s clear we have a decent first 11, but our squad depth is so painful to watch when we have to rotate in periods like this. Think it partly explains why our form started to go all over the shot around Christmas time too.


The work to ship players out is as important as the work to bring players in.

Mustafi, Elneny and Jenkinson have to be proactively sold. Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech and Lichsteiner are all leaving. Possibly Monreal too. Chambers has no future by the looks of it.

That’s potentially up to 9 players leaving. It’s never wise to transform a squad like that in one go but a huge shake up is needed.


if mustafi is here next season someone should get kicked in the bollox until they vomit them.


Except for Ramsey the participation of a lot of the mentioned players is minimal already though.

I know you generally don’t like to, but fancy elaborating on your own point rather than just just chucking in an alternate dimension to someone else’s opinion?

Go on, I’m dying to hear…

And that someone should be Mustafi


I think you usually don’t read my post thorougly because in a lot of cases I do elaborate.

Anyway. Maitland-Niles already surpassed Jenkinson and Lichtsteiner as #2 right back, Cech is only involved in the EL and has been surpassed by Leno, Welbeck because he is always injured. Elneny is 4th choice and is making minutes because we missed both Xhaka and Torreira in recent weeks. I thought that was quite obvious tbh.

No you don’t. You state alternate views to someone else’s in the form of one liners purely for the sake of trying to disagree.

And I thought that was quite obvious tbh…

Anyway that is me done on that topic.

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Jenko contract expires in the summer according to

Fake news. Jenkinson doesn’t have a contract with Arsenal, Arsenal have a contract with him. He’s here for life.


Is it not just facts that six or seven of those nine mentioned players are already rarely involved? I don’t just say things for the sake of it or without having thought about it.

Mustafi has had loads of appearances this season. He will definitely need replacing. Monreal too. They’re both very important first teamers.

If Jenkinson and Lichsteiner go, are you happy with AMN as backup RB?

With Ramsey and Elneny gone, our midfield roster consists of only Xhaka, Torreira and Guendouzi. Clearly Ramsey is going to be sorely missed, and if we ever opt for a 3 man midfield, then 5th choice midfielder becomes more important.

Welbeck would have got loads of apps this season if he’d been fit. We’ve missed his versatility. Again, he was an important first team player and demonstrated as much before he got injured.

It’s far more than just Ramsey.


I really hope we have a big warchest.

Agreed. I thought the priorities of Arsenal should be a centre back, left back and winger this summer. That would automatically diminish the roles of Mustafi, Monreal and Welbeck. Mustafi made too many minutes because of the injuries of Holding and Sokratis. Hence I think the shake up isn’t as major in my eyes.

I’m not happy with Maitland-Niles as back up RB, but I’d rather have them spending available funds on those three/four positions and go with Maitland-Niles and Martinez as back ups for Bellerin and Leno for now.

I doubt there is much truth in this but I wouldn’t be against it… not sure how those expecting us to replace 19 of our players this summer would feel though!

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He’s one I always umm and errr about. His talent is undeniable, but he’s an 8-9 goal a season man and stats aside, he’s super frustrating at times with opportunities he fluffs. My boss is a Palace fan and always says the same.

If we’re going to be knicking players from mid table teams I’d be much more excited about Fraser at this moment in time.

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