Arsenal Transfers 2022

Hopefully this one works

the other one worked too…just for 3 matches every 18 months.

The last one worked, until Dan Smith decided to snap his ankle.

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It sounds like Guedes might actually be going to Wolves.

Pedro Neto to Arsenal. Get it done Edu.

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Would make sense given the way both Valencia and Wolves are run by agents.

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I’ve seen a couple of people hope that is the case. I personally doubt it. Guedes will most likely play up front.

And I also really doubt Arsenal would pay whatever crazy fee Wolves will ask for him. Will definitely be 60+m.

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I have stanning for Neto for a while. I don’t know about the fee or their willingness to sell.

But Guedes, Jimenez, Neto, Podence, Hwang, and Traore seems like a lot of front three players for a team that isn’t playing in Europe.

Jimenez is out and hasn’t been at his usually best since coming back from that head injury, Hwang isn’t particularly good either.

Btw, I think we’re all stanning Neto. He’s essentially the Portuguese Saka. We’ve already got one, imagine having two. Still, I think the new contract earlier in the year blocks any potential move for him

Tbf, there isn’t a whole lot left in the window. At some point we’ll find out what Edu and Arteta are cooking. I feels like our next moves are gonna be like Zinchenko and Vieira where we kept most of the work under the radar and then the media got sniff of what’s going after everything is well advanced.

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Aaronson at Leeds could end up being a pretty shrewd pickup by them. He’s got the engine to play the press in a forward line and he’s shown the technical quality at a much lower level (Austria and the USA). Seems like one to keep an eye on.

As long as it’s one that’s not made of glass.

We still going about that mystery winger lmao.
Where’s Bell when you need him

Unfortunately I think we’re done on incomings. I know Arteta was vocal about wanting more but I fear the club is going to have to do a fair amount of work to clear the decks a little more. We all know who the guys are that need to go but like we saw with Leno and Torreira, there’s a limited market for them. The question is whether the club will get rid by any means necessary and if the players are as equally motivated to leave.

There are still are still more than 3 weeks left.
Last year I think we signed 3 players in August.

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I’d be very happy with Diaby…that said would also be happy with Gakpo. Just want us to get a top quality winger to bolster our attack.

I actually would bet against Raphinha on loan for the season, if Barca can’t register him.

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That would be absolutely hilarious.


I think they had the same issue in the last transfer windows. They seem desperate to offload De Jong this summer and suspect they need to still sell players. Don’t think they are done buying yet either!

They had an issue with Aguero last summer but they sorted that out.
I doubt they’ll let Raphinha go.
They’ll just force Depay out, perhaps Auba.

They’ll tell Pique they’ll build him a statue to play for free next season.

Things are about to get moving fast. Transfer Toad* says one in and three out this week. I assume he’s talking about transfers or toad stuff. I’m not sure, Nurse?

*Oh shit, not that effin toad again, it wasn’t funny last week.

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Torreira and Mari gone.

It’s so quiet regarding AMN though. Worrying.

Pepe too.