Arsenal Transfers 2021

Honestly we’d be better off just paying Lille whatever the buyout is and bringing him in, it would save us money in the long run cuz we will just blow that on shit transfers instead :joy::joy:

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That’s Mr Jordan’s release clause. It would be like saying Ousmane Dembele is €400m-rated.

Also, no.


Lol, is Fabrizio working for Marca? That’s his thing. Managers ‘loving’ specific players.

Not the first time we’ve been linked. I know this because I’d already watched part of his youtube highlights. He’s a good long passer, good close control and pacey so looks very press resistant. A 6’2 powerhouse too. This might have legs to it.

Joan Jordan statistically is fucking elite, I’ve never seen him play tho personally.

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He’s what you think Ceballos is. :rofl:

Seriously though, I can’t believe you haven’t checked out Sevilla the past 2 seasons. Not even in the EL?

If Jordan is an actual target btw that surely means one of Xhaka or Elneny are going.
I also don’t think Xhaka would be happy to be a squad option.

Or we don’t bring Cebellos for a third loan. Also it doesn’t look like Partey is up to playing 50-60 games a season

So are we gonna have 4 midfielders that are gonna be 27 and over? Plus, 3 of them would be on high wages.

It doesn’t look like he’s anywhere in Dani’s stratosphere as far as his defensive work rate, but other than that he looks good. Yeah I dunno La Liga is meh to me. I’ve seen them play but honestly, don’t recall looking too closely at the guy.

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Whoever we sign it’ll just be a letdown, they’ll either be overrated or if the small chance they’re actually good they’ll be injury prone as fuck.



Nkunku would be a smart signing, but I doubt we’d be the only team after him though.

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Are they sure about this :grin:

Good listen/watch.

It’s where the recent quotes from Fabrizio came from.

Fabrizio saying Lamptey is not at the top of the list anymore. Hakimi is the one they want but it will be very tough as Inter have no interest in selling him regardless of their financial issues.

The club is also not going to pay something crazy for a new RB.

He has also mentioned that we may look to replace David Luiz if he leaves.

Striker is seen as an opportunity. It depends on if they find someone they think it’s worth it.

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Reading the newspapers, Arsenal want Jordan from Sevilla [why haven’t signed him when he was at Eibar?] as well as Nkuku, pricetag around £40m but RBL signed him for £11m two years ago.

Emery wanted both.



Emery’s dirty seconds, no thanks.

If we go for Hakimi, it will be by offering him the money and a statue outside the Emirates. That really seems like a dreamland signing, even if we were contending a top 4 spot too.

Nkunku way too varied for my liking. If we’re going for a CM/CAM/CDM, I want us to go for a specialist. Otherwise we may as well keep AMN.

Brandt would probably represent good value and I think we would have a good chance of signing him. Operates as a goalscoring/assisting CAM/Winger/Forward.

Draxler, money.

Joan, don’t know much about.

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Great, we can spend half a season playing Hakimi right side CB in a back five.


“Arteta finally has the players he wants”

Tierney LCB, Hakimi RCB.