Arsenal Transfers 2020

In a dream world we’d cash in on Auba and Laca and bring in Edouard and Depay.

A front 3 of Depay - Edouard - Pepe is, on paper at least, an absolutely great front 3.



Our front three must be on PEDS :fire::fire:


IIRC LVG wanted him to do loads of tracking back as a winger and he lacked pace too. I think he’s more of an inside forward or CF and a bit of a luxury player. The lack of pace does concern me though

Do you think Auba and Laca fees would net out with the fees for Edouard and Depay?

I guess we’d want to add to the dream world that we got Partey in midfield and a CB in defence as well.

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It could happen because we should get around 50m for Aubameyang and 30m for Lacazette and if we can get Mustafi, Sokratis and Holding off the wage bill, as well as their transfer fees, we could afford Partey and possibly Upamecano as well.

This would sort out the problem of Aubaeyang running down his contract and Lacazette not being good enough, as well as the DM and CB positions.

But this is Arsenal so filling all the gaping holes in one window, with similar or better quality players, isn’t going to happen. :grinning:

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We should get more for Laca. Both United and Chelsea got big fees for Lukaku and Morata despite underwhelming stays.


Issue is Laca’s market is non existent.

Can’t see atletico dropping major cash on him in this climate


Lukaku in hindsight was miles ahead of the other 2 and it was unfortunate that he was mentioned in the same breath.

I’d take Depay for sure.

I’m thinking more and more that we should shift Lava AND Auba ASAP.

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We might but Aubameyang is at the end of his contract, after next season, and Lacazette isn’t really showing that he’s worth much more.
They are also quite old for attacking players and their wages will put a lot of clubs off.

I think if Aubameyang goes, it could be a big club but Lacazette is more Everton level and he can join all the other ex Arsenal cast offs there.
Or he could go to the other club most of our former attacking players end up at, West Ham, if they stay up.

We should be biting someones hand off for £30mil for Lacazette.

Difference between him, Lukaku and Morata is that the others at least have some upside. Lukaku while not being a top tier striker is at least a 1 in 2 guy.

Lacazette won’t cut it in the PL anymore and his best days are seemingly behind him. Getting that kind of fee plus what we can get for Auba would mean a decent chunk of change to reinvest in the likes of Edouard and others.


Depay would be a gamble, only proved himself in the french and dutch league

Good lord, and I’ve mentioned how I don’t like this cat before. Please, not Depay.

That’s true, but Lacazette is 29, how old were Morata and Lakaku when they got sold for those big fees ?


Yeah, Lukaku and Morata were at the ages where they might be considered to still have room for growth/improvement, potential to be fulfilled etc, can’t see it being similar for Lacazette.

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As long as we don’t stick Ozil after Depay, it should be fine.

That’s a good point. I forget that this shitter is 29 sometimes.



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I don’t want any more players from Lille. The last two we bought have taken years off my life.


Have I been wrong my whole life? I always thought when someone said something has taken years off them they meant it makes them look younger? Like “that haircut has taken 10 years off you” etc.

Though, obviously, you’re saying the opposite.

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Two different meanings, although I would say yours is the more common

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