Arsenal Transfers 2020

Silva would likely get ROASTED in this league especially playing here, yaah may be a good tutor but I’m sick of us doing these kind of short term costly deals for over the hill players.

Does fuck all for us going forward.


It’s not 2012 anymore, Silva is not a smart move.

@SRCJJ I haven’t really watched him but mainly going by people who have watched both him and upamecano and they say Gabriel is a better defender and is cheaper.


Older players coming in as mercenaries on short term contact rarely ever “coach” or mentor younger players coming through.

It’s only ever club lifers who would put that kind of effort in


Epl is a challenging league at that age.


Wout Weghorst anybody?

our recent older players singings have worked out that great lately, Cech, Lichsteiner and Luiz (think we had others as well, but can’t remember) so hopefully this would be different, if it happens

Good option for the LW?

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If true he definitely is if we could secure a good deal, only thing that worries me is him coming back from an ACL injury.

Wasn’t that impressed when I saw him at Man Utd

He’s improved as a player now, at United he was like 21

He’s fucking world-class, top top player.

Can be a complete cunt off the pitch though.

I’d have him here :slight_smile:

He’s been Lyons star player for the last few seasons in my understanding, one of the best in Ligue 1.

Not that that is particularly impressive to be honest

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Replacing Lacazette with Depay would be brilliant.

Would be worth Depaying what Lyon want. Even offering them their ex captain as part of any deal.

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So you’re saying we pay them what they want and then get our money back when we Depay them? Good plan

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I’m still hoping we go for Edoaurd if Auba and/or Laca are sold off


Agreed, looks like a man playing with boys

The Scots will want to be silly buggers again though, won’t they?

I’d be up for Depay. I think he got burned at Utd. He was a raw talent coming in and instead of nurturing it, they threw him in the deep end and he suffered. He’d been fab for both Lyon and KNVB. If Auba goes, which I think he will, then we need a left winger. I love Saka, but we shouldn’t be completely relying on him. He’s versatile and will get playing time, but some competition at LW would be good for him. I don’t know if we could deploy Depay effectively in another position though.

Sounds like the sorta rumour you’d read on LaGazette

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