Arsenal Transfers 2020

no swedes pls

Covid though, means we haven’t got the emillions needed to bag him anyway


We need to announce this signing on a Thursday



Good for them. Something has to be done against all the poaching of 16- and 17-year olds.

I’ve watched a little, but don’t know enough to say he would be captain material. He does however look to be a great enforcer and a compelte midfielder, which is what we need. If he turns out to be captain material, that’s even better. I get the impression he will lead by example, which is a type of leadership we lack.

Another CB to add to the collection :grin:

With all the players we are being linked with you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ll win the league :rofl::fire:

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I’d totally be on support of signing Silva if we shift Soktatis, Holding, Mav

Luiz, Thiago Silva, Saliba, Mari

I know I’ll get shot down for it but the experience the first two bring will be invaluable for SALIBA.

I see a lot of Thiago Silva in Saiba and if he has a teacher who can show him when to move and how to anticipate well he will absolutely thrive.

Silva became a world class CB because he had a mid 30s Nesta teaching him.


tbf I wouldn’t be against a Thiago Silva-Saliba pairing. Sounds formidable on paper and would be a significant improvement on what we have.

It’s a shame he’s going to be 36 soon. Does anyone know if he’s shown any signs of decline recently?

Same guy who refused to take a pay cut to his €250k wages? No thanks


Silva is worth the 250k. Yes please.

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Thiago Silva is 35 years old though. Remember when we signed Lichsteiner aged 35 but he was supposed to be in super good shape and able to handle the PL?


I think he’s still got more than enough about him to get a good 20-25 game season

I like the strategy. Play with 10 CBs and a GK. 3D Chess


We ignored the obvious signs with him though. He’s long been getting panned by Juve fans so that’s our fault really.

£20m minimum for a two year deal he’d probably want. Would be a big gamble and knowing us he’d come in play a few games and his legs would look like they’ve completely gone :weary::grin:

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I wouldn’t want to give him a 2 year deal.

Was Silva and Luiz the CB’s for Brazil when Germany beat them 7-1 :joy::joy:


Silva wasn’t in the team as he was suspended, and hence Luiz was the captain that day.

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A CB pairing of Silva and Saliba is far more promising than what we currently have to endure.