Arsenal Transfers 2020

I can’t actually wrap my head around Kurzawa, surely the right hand side it where we need investment, can Kurzawa help out on the right?

It feels like we’re just wasting money, Max Aarons would cost way more but you’d probably see that money back or have the right back role sorted for the next ten years.


Yep! Feels like some of us are broken records now by crying out for a RB


Not sure how it’s any different to the Kola signing other than this guy being way more susceptible to injury.

Hopefully its all BS

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Horrible injury record. Such a shame as he looked to be a very promising full back a few years back.

Tbf we’ve gotten a lot of use out of Kola and I’ll be honest he’s not as bad as people make out at times. But with him here it makes no sense, surely Kola will do until Tierney finds his form and fitness, another mediocre full back makes no sense.


If this is real it really scares me.

We have 1 RB, who is injured and has been for over a year, and our only back up is a CM youth.

We have 2 LBs, and now we’re looking at another LB and not an RB?!

This is the kind of stupid shit and transfer policy we were perplexed by for years under Wenger and Emery where we would buy players that were superfluous to the team and not in positions that we desperately needed to reinforce.

I really hope this is just Twitter bollocks.

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Maybe Kurzawa is just better? I wouldn’t really know, but although I tend to agree that Kola isn’t quite as bad as people make out sometimes, and is good enough as a back-up option, maybe in Kurzawa they just see a player who is actually good enough and in Kola not. People who have watched him more would have to tell us…

This isn’t really an accurate representation of the situation. At the moment we seem to have two rather capable RBs. Selling Bellerín would be a big decision, he probably deserves another season here, for next season AMN and Bellerín at RB is totally fine.

I’ve watched him a bit and don’t see anything special about him at all and if it’s true he’s coming as an Emery recommendation then fuck that. I was way more on board with the Meunier rumours as he would have solved a hole in a problem area and offer not only competition to Bellboy but actually give us an entirely new type of full back to utilise.

For us though these types of transfers rarely work out and I’m way more on board with signing the unknown types like this Brazilian CM who looks like he legitimately could be a star in the making. I suppose I need to remember we have Tierney who I think will be superb and long term, but for the moment we may as well make do with Kola like you say.

Also honestly I think people need to remember how far we are behind the other top teams when we’re considering AMN and the non existent Bellerin capable. I do think Hector is good enough for a top side but he needs to show it on the pitch, every time I’ve seen him play in the last couple of seasons he looks like his injuries have ruined him, not to mention he never was good defensively so that doesn’t exactly put us in a strong position at RB. As for AMN, well he’s never going to be a top class full back.

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Yeah I don’t understand the logic in getting Kurzawa when we have Tierney and Kolasinac.

Kola has been just fine, I honestly don’t see the point in 3 LBs especially not if one of them is super injury prone.


Just had a look at Mertens stats, he’s still doing pretty well tbh.

Selling Lacazette and signing Mertens on a free could make some sense. Not sure how capable of pressing and maintaining a high level of intensity he is though, people who watch him more would have to say.

Don’t think he has the legs he did 2 seasons ago under Sarri when he could press with intensity. But a 30 minute Mertens could definitely still do a job.

I think signing a 29-30 year old Mertens would have been a dream for Arteta.

I think it would have been a dream for most of us. I’d actually love us to throw a few coins at Napoli now and see if we could get him in January. I think he’d make the rest of this season exciting, and I think people put way too much stock in age these days, now if a player is over 26 people consider him ready for retirement- without ever really looking at what type of player it is.

Small technical players like Mertens score their goals through craft and guile, his games never been about size and strength so he could easily walk into this side and be one of our most important players. Hell look at Santi still doing bits in Spain after all he went through at his age. When you have that game-craft you can get an extra year or two out of yourself at the top levels.


A five year deal for a guy who barely plays, has injury problems, form problems and is probably making too much money at PSG?

Seems totally legit.

Saw a rumor on Twitter that this was basically another super agent deal/contact based recruitment. Hopefully it’s not true.


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I think the issue with Mertens is that he may not rely on his physicality but players age nonetheless and part of his excellence was his combination of skill, technique and his strong tactical adherence and awareness.

Hopefully we can bring him in and his all round quality can shine for at least 6-18 months but I’m not quite as optimistic as I would have been if we got him 2-3 years ago.

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Nothing to Guimaraes, Kurzawa coming, Ceballos not favoured.

Orny giveth and Orny taketh away… :santi:

Shit, Guimares looked like a really tidy, technical midfielder.

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Feels like Ceballos has been struggling with injuries forever now (both at Arsenal and Madrid).

Still interested to see how he looks under Arteta.

Season is long, things can change fast.

edit: also, fuck Orny. Can it get any more ‘cover my bases’ than “told by a couple of people that this is just media speculation at this moment in time (could change)”

I choose to believe in Guimaraes.



Ceballos has had one good half an hour vs Burnley.

I won’t be crying if Arteta doesn’t want him.


What about them pirouettes though? He does them so well, even when it doesn’t provide anything of value.

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