Arsenal Transfers 2020

It’s hardly poor old moralistic Arsenal if Jorge and his mates take a few million off a huge fee that will net us loads back in all sorts of commercial sales.

That’s life, to get to the top you have to beat people up or pay them. lol

Ffs, accept the bid you fucks. Take Kos or Mustafi or both in exchange. Hell, take Chambers too

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Nvm that was old news.

Here is an older article of our interest in Upamecano back then.

I used to love Meccano


@FabrizioRomano Article

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I too used to love to put up a meccano, but then went k’nex and never looked back.

Take my wife!

How was Zouma for Everton last season? Maybe we can get him on the cheap.

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Please no. Our LB’s are pathetic

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Even if we sign him, he’s out for another 2 months anyway then he’s going to need a few weeks to a month to get back up to speed. He basically won’t be available until December so if we hold off until January it isn’t really a big deal tbh


Only problem is knowing our luck we will try to revist it in Jan only to be told to fuck off and he is not for sale.

Celtic don’t have the kind of money to tell us he’s not for sale. The £25m they want for him is the most they’ve ever received for a player

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Who said he’s out for another two months lol

Yeh this out for two months thing needs to be mentioned more if true, Tierney does nothing for us till December so I’d leave him. What an exhausting and stupidly drawn out saga this has been.

Can’t wait to start it all up again in January.

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Double hernia, right?

He had it done months ago. He probs just needs match fitness now

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The two months figure was more inreference to the length of rehab needed after the operation which was in May.

I haven’t seen any credible source saying he is out for a further two months, Lennon himself said Tierney was nearly fit a couple days ago.


The problem with Zouma is that Chelsea needs him. Rudiger is out until late September, at least, and they can’t buy anyone.