Arsenal transfers 2019

Did he speak to Cohen Bramall though?

Heartless bastard.


Osman on a Bosman?

That quote could be taken from almost every transfer window we’ve had, and at the end of every window as well. :wink:

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Aside from that randomer that United have signed, no top 6 club in England has made a significant signing yet.

I feel like we have the most work to do (I would say that) so am expecting us to start making waves soon. Need like 5 fucking players.

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I think I would honestly be happy with just signing Hermoso and Andersen:
Hermoso Sokratis Andersen
Bellerin Torreira Guendouzi Kolasinac
Lacazette Aubameyang


Hermoso Sokratis Andersen
Bellerin Torreira Guendouzi Kolasinac
Nelson Lacazette Aubameyang/Iwobi

I just don’t want to see 3 at the back anymore for Arsenal.


The minimum, we need is a winger, CB and LB, who are all good quality and fairly young as well.
We can’t go into next season with Iwobi and Guendouzi as our two best attacking midfielders players, Aubameyang and Lacazette deserve better than that.


Particularly when you realise we barely have one reliable, competent centre back in our entire squad. Let alone putting 3 of the cunts in the starting XI

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ffs, If Simeone sees value why arent we contesting! It’s worth the punt


Because our recruitment policy is a fucking dumpster fire, you know this.


Fornals and now Hermoso :santi:

What the fuck Vinai.

I have no expectation for this summer :joy:

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This fucking club.


Haven’t read anything regarding that tbh. And I’m kind of a football junkie. It’s also on yourself what kind of sources you read and choose to believe.

Maybe he prefers to stay in Spain and play for a team in the Champions League?

Or there was no truth to the rumour in the first place?


Yes couldn’t agree more. It’s shaping up to be another shit window but it’s nearly always like that since the Kroenke family took over. When we signed Aubameyang, Leno, Sokratis, Guendouzi and Torreira in short order I had hopes it was the sign of a change for the better but it was just a blip to temporarily halt the long term decline. Now we lose Ramsey but hang on to Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and Mykhitaryan while failing to sign the defenders we need. Same shit, different day.


Literally no concrete rumours.

I dont think anything major gets done until after the Copa when Edu gets here.

Edu and Raul farming that South American talent. I wonder if we go for Pavon after all!

Those two windows were all Sven Mislintat. And you make a good point, Sven had his targets identified and he went out and got shit done, very underrated aspect of the goat scout.

As far as Kroenke goes, is he to blame? No I don’t think so. Is he culpable, yes, but only really because he’s an absentee owner. When we hired Sven we were headed in the right direction but because of Kroenke not being involved, the inmates are running the assylum.

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The goat scout ended up at a club that will be plying it’s trade in the second division in Germany mate

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