Arsenal to take part in "International Champions Cup" this summer


No Emirates Cup this year due to building work


Oh right didn’t see any news about it not being on this summer lol


Apparently this is actually our pre-season schedule. Though other reports have suggested we play Chelsea on 4th August not Valencia


If anyone gets a freebie for the Dublin game send it my way, cheers. :+1:


What happens when those fixtures coincide with our Europa League qualifying campaign ?


They won’t.


Yeah provided we beat Burnley at home it should be enough to hold onto the coveted 6th place.


Haha, we won’t finish below burnley.


If we fail to beat them at home I wouldn’t be so sure, we still have 3 away games in the league which means 3 games we won’t be winning.


Lol aussie u honestly think we are gonna go 8 straight away matches without winning? No, just no stop now.


Given we have lost 16 matches away in the league since December 2016 I think its rather feasible we go another 3 away games without winning yeah.


You’re wrong.


We haven’t lost 16 away matches in the league since December 2016 ?


I dunno but we won’t lose our 3 remaining away matches and we also won’t finish below Burnley. You can’t honestly believe that will happen.


I never said we’d lose all 3, just said we wouldn’t win any. I think we will finish above Burnley as I think we will scrape past them at home, but if that end up being a draw :eyes:.