Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

@Aussiegooner could name the rest no bother :joy:


I think Rooney missed twice. I remember him hitting one wide or off the left post once too.

No idea about the other one.

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Yeah, around 2013ish, we were wearing that striped purpley away kit

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4 accounted for missed pens…none of our keeper have saved one.

Rooney x2
Van Nistelrooy

Part of me thinks Mark Hughes may have missed one at Highbury in a 0-0 draw in 94/95.

Either that or he was sent off lol. The afternoon ended in ignominy for him

It wasn’t in the PL, but I remember seeing McClair miss a penalty for Man U against us at Highbury.
It was right at the end of an FA Cup fifth round game, which we won 2-1, then saw us lose in the quarter final to Nottingham Forest.

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The missing penalty here isn’t coming to mind, I really must be getting old pal :grimacing: :cry:

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Yorke missed a penalty in a (big) game at Old Trafford in 98/99 that ended in a 1-1 draw.

I can definitely recall it not being a save (I’d have remembered Seaman saving a penalty v United) and Yorke hitting it wide of the target


Arsenal are the first team in premier league history to lose their first three games of the season and end up finishing in the top 6

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I think we need a throw-in coach…seriously


I was complaining about this during the game. Another area of complete and utter inconsistency. 20 foul throws in the PL this season? Fuck off there are about 20 a game by the letter of the law. They need to bin the foul throw rule altogether.

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Elite mentality and culture.

Yeah we clearly have no ability to turn games around when we’re losing. Once we’ve conceded first pretty much know we aren’t winning

Big failing of Arteta is his ability to change games that we clearly are second best in.

Would love to see that table. Sounds like one of those stats that probably sounds worse than it actually is.

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Transfermarkt probably the best football website out there. Whenever theres an obscure stat or table needed, it’s always transfermarkt at the top of the google results lol

The 4 points would be fine if we hadnt gone behind in 15 fucking matches, losing 13 of them. City only have 6 points from losing positions, but they’ve only had 7 deficits to overcome, making it far less of a weakness for them.