Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

did I read somewhere before that we hadn’t conceded a goal from a set piece this season? I don’t remember how long ago I read that. Was that true and if so I guess that run ended tonight? :frowning_face:

Corner rather than set piece. I heard the comm say tonight that was our 5th to concede from a set piece tonight.


We’re the only team in the Prem yet to concede from a corner this season.

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Some amazing progress here :clap::clap::clap::clap:

All because Wenger was essentially senile towards the end and bought Lacazette for a crippling record fee

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Interesting info but don’t we have the most setpieces goals though?

Laca scored 15 goals under senile Arsene and had like 10 assists on our way to 78 league goals that year. Arteta and his genius is at 44 so far this year tho lmaooooooo cope :joy::joy::joy::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


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15 league goals isn’t impressive lol. We paid £55m for 15 league goals lmao

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No its not and Laca has never been a top striker I never liked him, even two games in I was telling ya’ll he’d be ur scapegoat. But Arteta has taken a dood who in a functioning attack was a slightly better than average goal scorer, and made him non existent. I mean, Arteta took a golden boot winner and ruined him too, so theres a theme. Even a diminished senile old man could do more with these guys oooof lmaoooooo :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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it will be worse than 3 in a row though…cant see where our next win or draw comes from tbh.

Might draw United.

If not we’ll beat Leeds at home May 8th.

Probably mostly correct.

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Those two are a great follow, always have some good stats.

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The right side of one of these cunt stats for a change


Van Nistelrooy - Crossbar
Rooney - Skied it over the crossbar
Bruno - Off the post

The other two missed pens?