Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Harsh but true.

He’s been here a decade for god’s sake. :laughing:


When hes had a hundred good games I might acknowledge that.


Wenger is making us the laughing stock of the PL.

3 fucking wins and 47!! goals conceded :joy: How is this guy still here. Any other club would have patched him long ago.



wasnt the 8-2 at the emirates?


[quote=“Mysty, post:136, topic:420”]
Games in bold equal defeat to us.

Newcastle 4-4 2011Man Utd 8-2 2011Blackburn 4-3 2011Milan 4-0 2012Reading 5-7 2012Man City 6-3 2013Liverpool 5-1 2014Chelsea 6-0 2014Bayern Munich 5-1 2015 Southampton 4-0 2015Liverpool 4-3 2016Bayern Munich 5-1 2017

To break that down into numbers

8 (1 game) 7 (0 game)6 (2 games)5 (4 games) 4 (5 games)
[/quote]Suppose I better update this again :facepalm:

Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich 2017

5 (5 games)

A total of 13 games…






consistency as its finest…we should be ever so proud :coq:


It seems as if clubs with better managers have the beating of Wenger.
Just look at Mourinho’s record against him, or even Koeman.

Imagine if we had a better manager, we might start beating the other big teams.



WOW :open_mouth:


It’s really the end of an era.


Awful. :neutral_face:


What is worse is that this is what it has been pretty much for well over a decade!


We have played 3 fewer games than Liverpool in that mini league to be fair, although yes we will most likely lose at least 2 of those


Wow :joy::joy::joy: :see_no_evil:




more like hull, even sunderland have better stats


Arsenal fans just expect too much, Burnley, Sunderland and Hull fans aren’t complaining like us are they ?