Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

You love to see it

You’re probably right but what other top club or business would have a philosophy of “keeping things the same will eventually work itself out?”
This is a loser mentality by a board.

"The view held by those in the Arsenal hierarchy is that Arteta is on the right track,

This proves that the board are the biggest losers in the PL.


It’s looking more and more that January’s good form was the outlier.

And that last sentence, more than anything, more than the ‘lack of investment’, is why the Kroenkes may have to go.

With hindsight, I wish we just stuck with Wenger.

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No. That needed to end. Should have ended sooner aswell than 2018


This club is so lucky Tottenham exists.

11th and out of Europe, playing the worst football I’ve ever seen as a football fan, yet happy enough with that. Complete losers, at all levels.

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So does this mean they’ll buy us the ‘four or five players’ we need?

All lip service as far as I am concerned till they splash the cash.

They’ve backed Arteta pretty strongly so far.

I take the position you have to work with what you have and validate your methods before you get access to further backing. Has Arteta done that? Maybe if pulls off an EL win he would have

So far our biggest investments under him are underperforming minus Laca you could argue

Is it true that apart from the penalty, our first shot on target was the 94th Min?

Taking on target shots is not in line with football genius ideals.

Yes that is true, fucking pathetic performance.

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Have we ever been in the bottom half in May before? :joy::joy::joy:

Yea, that season we finished 12th.

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If we finish 11th we will get bottom half of the league champions?

Godteta wins another trophy

Cue the VAR brigade incoming. :blush:

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I’ve never seen it so bad :grimacing:

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Well, as you asked so nicely.

We’d have been crowned champions in March if it wasn’t for VAR

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Arteta now holds the record for breaking the most records in a season, for all the wrong reasons.

Hiring Arteta.
The worst decision by any Arsenal board.
The only way that can be beaten is if we hear a statement from the board that says:
“Arteta’s job is safe and he’ll be leading us into next season with our full backing.”

Just as well Ceballos isn’t staying.

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