Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

We’ve also only ever won the premier league when Leeds and Leicester are in the division, too :blush:

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Most Premier League away wins at the Emirates Stadium:

Chelsea (5)
Aston Villa (4)
Manchester City (4)
Manchester United (4)


Love that last tweet. It shows that Wenger managed squad kept playing with the Wenger spirit for a while until Emery and Arteta managed to eliminate all the great work Wenger did :joy::joy: lmao glad ur all happy the goat manager is gone now :grin::+1:

expected goals difference now: - 2.33 (16th)

-0.06 (9th) when Emery was sacked last year.

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+24 in Wengers final season lmaoooooo

Yeah that seems about right… having zero or negative is tragic enough for an AFC team, but being 16th just shows how dire our offensive fluency is, b/c our defensive record isn’t actually that horrible atm.

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Leno and the perfect set piece defending makes the defense seem better than it is.

10 goals conceded, with 12 XG against from open play, is very poor for a defensive side.
If your attack isn’t clicking, and if 1-0 wins is about the best you can hope for, then your defense needs to be close to league best.

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That’s a fair take; however, I chalk that a bit up to the fact that we are constantly defending seemingly b/c we can’t create anything and sustain possession in the opponent’s half.

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Don’t you just love Europa League stat padding in the group stages ?

This is relegation form.
The last team we scored more than once against was Sheffield united, the worst team in the league and even that wasn’t a convincing win.
If you don’t include our first game against Fulham, we haven’t played a game where we looked convincing.

Our next two games are against Wolves and then spurs.
If we lose both, Arteta has to go.
The only thing he has going for him is tat there are no crowds and an owner that lacks any urgency.

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