Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

Amazing to think the 97/98 cup final was the first game I watched and I’ve seen another 7 cup wins since :heart_eyes:.


League cup final 1993. John Harkes is the first American to score in a final. Puts Sheffield Wednesday 1 up. Arsenal comeback and win 2 1.

FA cup final 2020. Pulisic is the first American to score in a FA cup final. Arsenal comeback and win 2 1.
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What’s the trophy in the 60s here then?

Good catch. Dammit Pete!

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Since the 2013 FA cup 5th round loss to Blackburn at the Emirates Arsenal have won 28 of 31 FA cup ties.


Arsenal vs The “Big 6”

August 2016 - December 2019

Played - 44
Won - 8
Lost - 21
Draws - 15

Arsenal vs The “Big 6”

December 2019 - Present Day

Played - 10
Won - 4
Lost - 3
Draws - 3


Arsenal have finished a Premier League gameweek on top of the table for the first time since February 2016.

It would mean more if everyone had actually played a game lol.

It would still mean fuck all seeing it’s the first gameweek but a stats a stat.


You ain’t wrong, I reckon the last time we were top Leicester had played a game less also.

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I had a looks on the week by week table in February 2016 and we were not top once :joy: what the fuck

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Yea we were top at some point in January but by the time we played Leicester in mid Feb we were 5 points behind.