Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Is it wrong that I don’t give a fuck either way? Haha




It was Wenger specialty


Man our second half of the season was sooo bad fffs :joy::joy::see_no_evil:



This as well.



April!! fucking April!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

How did we even finish 6th?!



I went to Wikipedia and was disappointed to see that Ole Gluzhny never scored in the Premier League for Arsenal


Gotta say, I’ve always rated own goal, terrific scorer.


It’s actually horrendous how we have played 13 games and only kept two cleansheets. This is like me playing as Arsenal on my Fifa career mode where a CS happens very seldomly :joy::joy:


@Electrifying :wenger2:


Hasn’t been the quite the same animal since he left United though.



Another stat I saw on Sky Sports ahead of Liverpool scoring their last minute goal is that we are second to Liverpool in terms of injury time winners.

Surprised me that we’re ahead of Man United in that respect!


Why are you surprised, Manu dont score goals much anymore :giroud:


We’re the second highest scoring in the league right? Shame we can’t stop leaking then at the back though.


It’s a good problem to have I think. At least down the line you can work a plan towards reducing the goals conceded and tighten things up, which we all knew is gonna take time anyways, rather than figuring out how to improve the attack. Liverpool seem to be a good example of a team that were all out attack in Klopp’s first two/three seasons, but defensively could be all over the shot. Now they’ve managed to find a balance of still being good scorers, but now much better in defence. Hopefully this can happen with us over the next few seasons :slight_smile:


Hopefully it does happen with us I agree, but are we going to spend 75 million quid on a world class centre back in the next year or 2 that helps put us on our way ?