Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


It’s good to have that belief, though :blush:


I could swear we had a Joel Campbell emoji just for situations like these but I can’t find it anymore


Just don’t become a scouser :mustafi:




Is it really a surprised? He is a crooked.


I bet that stat is 0 for any away games we’ve had with Mike Dean officiating this decade


We are 1-5-11 in away league games with Atkinson calling the shots lol.


We’re actually 5-4-10…

And of those 10 losses we’ve played Chelsea in 4 of them, Manchester City in 2 of them and Tottenham in 1 of them.

In other words 7 of our 10 games have been against teams we don’t really beat away from home these days anyway.

Liverpool and Tottenham make up 2 of the 4 games we’ve drawn away from home.

In other words… we lose/draw games we aren’t favourites to win.

There is no Atkinson conspiracy here.


Ah my bad I just saw someone else tweet that stat and was assuming they did the proper research :joy:


According to this article we cover an average of 114km per game (which ranks us 1st in the league).







So in other words our finishing has been off the charts in the second halves of games ?


So in other words here are some pointless stats designed to please the multitude of Arsenal fans populating twitter




Is it wrong that I don’t think he deserved it lol


Oli G was the last one before that. Despite not remembering that particular month, I can confirm that he most definitely did deserve it :sunglasses: