Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


That’s a really weird way of saying it’s going better than you expected so far. :mustafi:






Apparently the best start to the season for 5 years


You mean the season we were top for like 125 days or something and finished 4th :joy:


We are going to win the league :kos2:


A series like this is not what I expected indeed.

And for the record if Emery meets my expectation of winning the Europa League it has been a succesful appointment compared with expectations.




Want to beat Chelsea’s record!


What’s that?


How many games did they win between the cups and the Premier League in the 2016/2017 season? 17?


Don’t think we’ll get to 17 tbh.



In a sample size of 2


As outlandish as it sounds at the minute, just imagine our bad luck if we’re in with a sniff in March/April. We’re up against a juggernaut of Man City and the Scousers are having their best season since, I dunno, Souness played for them.

It could be our best season (points and performance wise) since the Invincibles season and we could end up with nothing :hushed:

Baby steps, though. Baby steps


Is there a game after Palace? Do we play in the league cup? Brentford at home?

If so, I reckon we’ll get to 13 winning games then come unstuck v Liverpool




Just kidding. Just wanna see big improvements this season. Nothing more.