Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


I thought about it tbh but would have gone the other way and made all the words bar the first non capital. That’s the more accessible friendly way of doing it.

Ultimately I wasn’t arsed for the sake of a very cheap joke. :slight_smile:


Haha Jakey I so wanted to say this but didn’t have the balls :joy::joy:


Would have totally been a fair shout. Call me out nexxt time!


Some people saying it goes as far back as 2007.


? …


The wins in a row record we just equalled.


Should be fairly easily verifiable either way you’d have thought, to someone who has the inclination to look it up (ie not me)

Edit: now I’m reading an article saying it’s our best winning streak in eight years!


It doesn’t. During the 14/15 season we won eight games in a row in the Premier League. After which we beat Reading on penalties in the FA Cup semi-finals.







We only won four games away last season and this season we have already won three away games.



I make that 10 in a row now right? And 7 straight in the league…

Keep it up. After an indifferent start we’re starting to look more of a team. It’s good to see.


That’s right. I believe this is the first time we’ve won 10 games in a row in all competitions since October 2007 :slight_smile: Amazing run we’re on right now.


And we had stupid cunts losing their shit a) before a ball had been kicked and b) after we lost to the two most recent league winning teams.

I’m really enjoying Unais Arsenal so far.


To think we could be above Man City by the time they next play

I want to point and laugh at the me after the first game of the season


Unfortunately that’s the modern day fan now. All want results immediately and kneejerk at the slightest mishap without giving things a chance.

I think thankfully majority of fans have been prepared for whatever may come this season, but I think so far we’re doing a little better than expected :slight_smile:


LOL. Since I was one of those cunts I feel obligated to react. This streak in no way shape of form means Arsenal is going to be a contender and that those cunts will be wrong.