Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread



One for @shamrockgooner he loves a pointless stat :wink:




Wow, someone actually put an effort in this.
I know it can be achieved using a simple pivot table but still.

Love the replies though



God, it’s the day of useless trivia.


So that’s why we didn’t hire Mikel Arteta…


Might ban you from this thread tbh.


Does it really matter if sometimes it’s trivia?! :joy:

And also the first two are stats :wink:


How does one even produce such a fact?! I can’t begin to fathom what kind of person would look at our team and go, “hold on, is this the first time a manager and one of his players have both had initials that are vowels? I must find out, the public need to know!”


My favourite Arsenal statistic is Tony Adams is the only player of any top flight club to have won the league title in three different decades as captain.


Even more amazing would be someone going through all the records to make sure he was right.
I’m not even sure it’s true.
I can think of quite a few players with only vowels as their initials, so I’m sure there would be plenty of managers as well.
Sounds a bit dubious, and the freak who came up with that piece of trivia probably knows no one else could be bothered to trawl through more than a hundred years worth of managers and players.


Thats cause hes a God…



Hahah looks like it’s evening out from last season, weren’t we way unders on our expected goals last season ?



Champions of ball in play, you’ll never sing that




Thread title updated. :wink:


Haha probably a good idea tbf


You could have at least made the t in trivia a capital letter. I got triggered and had to change it myself