Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Well I suppose we have managed to find the back of the net 8 times.



Thank you Orbinho, I had no idea that we were good up front but total shitte at the back.


I heard on the radio yesterday that since the premiership began, the team with the most headed goals is… Arsenal… Would never have guessed that!



Bellerin :fire:


Mustafi :star::star:


Collective work ethic


While with Wenga we were reliant on certain players :grinning:


Don’t know about that. In 12/13 Podolski, Walcott, Giroud and Cazorla all scored 10 goals or more for us




They need a better name for that.


I think this season we are going to be inundated with stats about the Arse…

How Emery makes his Arse work hard, Arse nutrition and whether his Arse is functioning like he hopes it should - smoothly, efficiently as well as using his Arse to press other teams and players hard.

Distance covered by his Arse, Arse interceptions, Arse tackles and of course the best combinations of Arse for success.




Steve Bould…“Hey Boss…where 'ave our feckin defenders gone?”


11 goals in 6 games. That definitely needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency we’re leaking goals at a worse rate than under Wenger.

Feel like Emery has had enough time to at least have our defence reasonably organised and well covered.


The last was a 2-2 draw against Chelsea on 3 January 2018


Five of those probably came against City and Chelsea, no?