Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Better than expected IMO :see_no_evil:


If you were to look at my individual match predictions for all those fixtures I’d probably have to say it’s better than I expected haha.




The flat track bully era


So we only have 13 away points so far? Fucking hell.


It’s just as well that one of the only rare away wins we have had this season was against Burnley, otherwise we would be behind them in the PL.


Incredible stat





14-0-0 vs Teams 7th-20th.


Now only if we won more than 3 away games we might have challenged for the league :joy::joy::joy:


4 more away wins and we would of been close to 3rd :joy:


We’re always good in the first half of a season, or good in the last half of the season, or good away, or good at home, or good offensively, or good defensively but never at the same fucking time.

There’s always some shitty stat that makes me believe with a bit of the right motivation we’re not actually too far away from a big improvement :slightly_frowning_face:


What’s the club record for consecutive away defeats ? Was tonight against Leicester our 6th or 7th in a row ?





It’s gonna end on sunday. Mark my words.


Alexis carried us in away games. Since he left we stopped picking up points. Sad.


Brighton, Swansea and Stoke are still worse than us. Everything is fine :mkhi: