Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Since like 1984, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Just the first time in a long time.


Big Weng’s jealous of all those stats Man City are about to break and wants in on the action :sunglasses:


:wenger: :wenger::wenger:


That’s pretty impressive from Huddersfield.


Well it’s hard to lose points from a winning position when you’re rarely in one to be honest


Tamworth Grimbsy and Chievo. Great company

Looking across the top five European leagues (Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga), Arsenal are second-bottom to Chievo, who have no points from six away games but have a worse goals record (scored four, conceded 13).



Well at least we shorting a lot again. If you don’t shot you don’t score


28 shots, probably 5 on target…





I hate to be that guy (I don’t actually) but in no way whatsoever is that tweet a stat.

Edit: oh shit, I completely missed the first line with the stat in it. :joy:


That’s a fucking disgusting record, fuck the Emirates and everything about… soulless bowl and losing culture.



wow, shows how shit the EPL is considering we have been deplorable this season and still are 6th.


Orbinho is such a pessimistic bastard :smile:


Tbf its just a stats account haha



So West Brom now have more away points than Arsenal :see_no_evil:


So we finish the season 1-3-6 vs the Top 5, that’s pretty par for the course for us.