Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Wenger keeps braking stats.




While I love to hate Wenger with stats, I absolutely hate any stat involving the term “calendar year”.



This thing tells you Wenger is finished. Can’t even beat small teams anymore.




I wonder how many of those passes are actually progressive passes as opposed to passing backwards to a man dropping deeper. We have been the complete opposite of incisive this season.

In 06-07 at least our excessive short passes were beautifully executed. Our passes recently have looked like they’re being played by an EFL side.


probably about 10%


That was the season Diaby stayed pretty fit. Makes sense that our midfield was amazing.


If Arsenal lose a 5th game in a row tonight - a reasonable possibility - it represents our worst run since 1977 in Terry Neill’s first season when the losing streak was 8





Arsenal are about to lose their 16th league away game since December 2016 - only 4 clubs are worse than that, a few on 17 and then Watford on 21.

Another bleak stat highlighting our steeper decline as a team (don’t want to say ‘club’ even tho that’s true as well) over the last year or so :smile:


Sven will clear out the trash and we will improve.


Hope so mate!!

:wenger: :point_right:



Tamworth! Scenes


just saw :arteta: :poldi:

Absolutely amazing. Big Weng has done it again.

What a guy


Also lost 5 successive away games for the first time.

Wenger is an utter embarrassment.