Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


If you can’t get motivated pulling on an Arsenal shirt earning 100k a week, perhaps you should find another club and pull their shirt on instead.

As much as I criticise Wenger, players should be self motivated.
They aren’t playing for the manager, they are playing for the supporters, the very people who pay their wages.



jinxed it you cunt







Hahah the other 3 must be against Bayern Munich.


They are :joy::joy:


Manchester City complete the league double over Arsenal for the first time in 42 years





Philippe Auclair on today’s arsecast:

In 2017/18 Arsenal have never been higher than 4th and where only 4th for three weeks

Whereas in 2016/17 they were top as recent as the January of that season and didn’t fall out of the top 4 until GW29.

So this season is nothing like last season. We’re worse.


I don’t think we needed anyone to tell us that :laughing:


At least we haven’t experienced a collapse this season, we’ve just been consistently rubbish all the way through. I do like consistency


Well isn’t that the most damming of indictments


It seems ironic that in previous seasons we have always had an injury crisis at least once in a season, and always had our best players out with long term injuries but still managed to get a top four place.

This season even Wilshere has been relatively injury free, yet we are having our worst one under Wenger.


Wow, we need 10 wins from 10 to match last season’s 75.

As fixtures go apart from United away there’s nothing to really be scared of from the other 9. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a decent run somewhere in this time but even then 65 points feels like a big stretch (6 wins 2 draws).


The problem Wenger has, is that he knows he is leaving and the players have nothing to play for in the PL.
It is going to be almost impossible to get them motivated, apart from Europa League games.

Wenger doesn’t care anyway.
It’s not as if he is building a team for the next few seasons, he is virtually a caretaker manager until Ancelotti, or whoever, comes in.

Wenger’s priority is the Europa League.