Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


We are 5 points worse off this season after playing 27 games. Considering we had a pretty shit season league wise last season. This is pretty disastrous


I used to go regularly to Highbury when we were winning cups but were poor in the League, and most supporters weren’t happy with Graham, because he hardly ever spent money, and played boring football.

So there is no contradiction from people who defend Graham, it’s the Wenger supporters who criticise Graham that are contradictory.

The difference is that Graham was sacked a couple of seasons after winning the FA Cup and League Cup double and a season after winning the EUFA Cup.

In just over eight seasons Graham won the League title twice, a European trophy, an FA Cup and two League Cups, yet he was sacked.

In the same time period, Wenger has won three FA Cups, yet is almost unchallenged, until last season.

That is contradictory, and the reason why Wenger supporters should have a bit more respect for Graham, who won the League title, the FA Cup and a European Cup with us as a player, and as a manager.


No, they don’t. His time was up and he went (under some dodgy circumstances I think). I don’t think I’ve seen a single person on OA in my 6 years say Graham should have carried on.

Wenger’s time is up and he isn’t going. That’s the only difference.


You sound like you don’t know why he was sacked


What are bungs? for $600


I think people overreact how shit last season was. With 75 points Arsenal easily met the standard/bar they have set for themselves the past five or so seasons. Liverpool was just slightly better. This season is our second really shit season post-2010 IMO. The first was 15/16 where we squandered the biggest opportunity in club’ history.


He took a bung, which wasn’t uncommon then, for managers and players.
It was about £2,000, and he was earning a few hundred pound a week.

It was a convenient way for the board to sack someone who wasn’t doing a very good job.
If he had been top of the league, there’s no way they would have got rid of him.


That’s completely wrong. It was 425k from the agent of the Danish and Norwegian players he bought and the agent was more than compensated from the monies Graham had Arsenal pay for the pair. Graham was banned from football for a year.

It wasn’t ‘an excuse’ it was a massive scandal at the time. Having said that Mourinho is pulling the same scam today with Mendes.


He was banned but that was after he was sacked.
I’m not condoning what he did but there were several other managers and players who were receiving payments that weren’t legal.

But it doesn’t take away from my original point that Graham was great manager for us and it’s annoying when people say things like “Graham wasn’t all that,” when it’s clear he has been a great player and manager for us.

I don’t think Wenger has been “all that” for a long time, but I would never dismiss his achievements before he became stale, because he was the best manager in the PL, and our most successful.
People should have a bit more respect.


26 fucking points :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


the players are doing it on purpose, there is no fucking way they are not. They know at home they will have nearly 60,000 fans on their fucking backs but a few thousand and they can run down the tunnel no big deal. They are sending a message, they dont wanna play for wenger anymore that much is apparent.


Henry only one to appear twice. :goat:


I would have thought Henry and Bergkamp would have been in there.


So if the maximum points is 76, how can all the top 6 (bar us away) have higher than 2 points per game. Something surely doesn’t add up here.

Not that we aren’t shit away from home. But actually averaging a point per game against the top 6, I thought we’d be worse than that.


You shouldn’t really be expecting it to be worse than that. We’re meant to be one of the league’s best teams, routinely dispatching much of the rest of the league on our travels, albeit in a league getting tougher over the years. 26 points from 26 games is getting on for 1.5 season’s worth of away games and is a pathetic record, highlighted there against the rest.


Yeah you look at those kind of stats and it becomes pretty obvious that this team is fundamentally flawed and it’s more than certain players not being good enough.

Bournemouth: 23
West Ham: 28
Watford: 18
Everton: 19
Leicester: 23
Burnley: 24
Crystal Palace: 24

We’re near the top of this pack but we’re still definitely in it.


Incredible stat :joy:

Can we not tell our players every game is a cup game?!


Kinda goes along with my idea that when the players are properly motivated as a big cup match will do, they perform up to standard.


If only there was a way to motivate them more regularly.


Meh. There are other factors when it comes with Cup matches which might have worked in our favor. Rather than the players just being more motivated for these games than League matches.