Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


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@Calum @LukeTheGooner thats probably a PL only stat. Balotelli definitely scored for mourinho as a teenager.

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I love stats like this. Will we keep it going ? :wink:

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As if any further proof were needed, I think i’m right in saying that last season’s campaign in the European Cup / Champion League was the first of the 19 we’ve played in, where we ended up with a negative goal difference.


Tony Adams is the only captain to win the League title in three different decades, for the same club.

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That’s a awesome stat!

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Most used word by Arsene Wenger - “Look”.

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Most used word by Brendan Rodgers - “Character”


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Not playing Giroud must be an influence on that statistic.

Arguably a number of factors. I doubt it is in anyway sustainable either way tbh.

My thoughts exactly. It won’t last.

Why won’t it last?

Ok we’re probably only top by 1% and the entire range (among the good teams) is probably something like 23%-18%, but it’s still better to be up the right end of it.

I love Giroud but yeah, without the hirsute Frenchman in the team, we’re benefiting in that regard.

No, a conversion rate like that wouldn’t be sustainable and we saw plenty of lucky finishing in the first few matches. It’s also worth mentioning that Opta, for some bizarre reason, aren’t even including blocked shots.
Just looking at the conversion rate (especially when so many shots are excluded) without anything else to provide further context, can’t really tell us much.

Here are some other, more detailed numbers if anyone is interested.

Btw, Giroud’s finishing in 15-16 was perfectly fine. So that argument, if we’re going to limit it strictly to just finishing, is bullshit.

Because we have scored 3 or more in four of our seven games to achieve that figure. We always create chances but we’d probably need to keep up that level of actual scoring to also keep our conversion rate so successful. I’ll happily be proved wrong though if it does happen.

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Mental strength!