Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Yep. We’re shite.


The statistic that says we rarely beat a top four club keeps coming up.
This season we have rarely beaten a top half PL club.

There is no excuse for this.
All it proves is that the other top managers have Wenger in their pocket.

It’s not all about not beating the big spenders because we are also failing to beat teams like spurs, Liverpool and others, who don’t have the resources we have.
We have the worst record against the top teams than nearly in other club in the PL, which considering Wenger is always claiming that he has the players to win the title and we don’t need to spend, proves he is wrong.


Besides city, the top clubs have not been beating each other. Liverpool beat us, spurs beat them, we we beat spurs, Man U beat us and Chelsea beat them.

The top 6 this season bar City have been well not consistent against each other.


We are still going to end up on the bottom of a mini table between the top 6, so yeah no one is fantastic besides city but we are the worst.


Won’t even be a close 6th will be a comfortably 6th. :disappointed:


Liverpool: beat us, drew with Man U, lose to spurs, drew with Chelsea.

Chelsea: drew with us, beat Man U, drew with Liverpool, and beat spurs.

Spurs: beat Liverpool, lose to Man U, lost against us, lost against Chelsea

Man U: drew with Liverpool, beat spurs, lost against Chelsea, beat us.

Arsenal: drew with Chelsea x2, lost against Liverpool, lost against Man U, beat spurs and drew with Liverpool. We’ve played more games than the others.

Against the other top sides we aren’t the worst.


We will see the points on the mini table after we have all played our 10 matches, I will simplify it for you and I’m tipping we will be bottom, Spurs have struggled also but I’m tipping they will win at least 1 of the 3 home matches they have left.



Lol! Getting better and better.


Nottingham Forest are the first lower league team to score four against arsenal since 1908

Wenger constantly breaking records :wenger:





In fairness we generally have a 9 or 10 game period like this at some stage of every season.






Is it a surprise?


Apparently it was the youngest side we’ve ever put out in the Wenger era


Arsenal have picked up just 13 points after 12 Premier League away games (W3 D4 L5) - their worst record at this stage of a season since 2005-06 (12 points from 12 games).

At average age of 25 years and 56 days old, this was Wenger’s youngest Arsenal starting line-up in the Premier League since November 2012 v Aston Villa (25y 11d).

The Frenchman also named five English starters in a Premier League game for just the third time since 2003.


This is our worst start to a year since 1995


In what sense? We’ve got more points than after 23 games in 12/13 which was the first year I could think of.

Edit: Oh I guess literal start to a year? 1st-15th January?