Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


When you say, “fanatics” you mean Arsenal supporters rather than Arsene supporters.

You could turn what you said round and say, “Wenger fanatics try and minimise his criticisms at every turn.”

Only a Wenger fanatic could interpret @Callum post any other way.


Yes he means people that care about the club more than our manager


Except the biggest NLD we had last year resulted in a trophy yet it goes unmentioned here, why? Clear agenda that’s why, refusing to give Wenger the credit he so richly deserves.


Once again you mention “the club” exactly what does that entail?



Did you mean to write NLD?


Lol no, wanted to shorten LD but just put the N in there out of habit.



Those referees really must hate us :roll_eyes:


You really don’t get it. I just want fair referees. We are already shit. If the referees fuck us over everything becomes difficult.


The season is over for me though. Only hope to do well in the cups.


The only clubs we have beaten that were in the top half of the PL when we beat them, are spurs and Burnley.
We also failed to beat Stoke, Southampton, West Ham and West Brom and Watford.
But we are good at letting in goals to the big teams, Liverpool have scored seven in the two games against us, Man U three and Man City three.

At least we have Chelsea in our next game, so it should be a fairly comfortable win for us.


We’re shittier than any period I can remember in my entire time watching Arsenal. I think a lot of it has to do with the board either forcing Wenger to spend money, and then we’ve spent it on players Wenger isn’t sure of who turn out to be shit like Laca and Xhaka. Two guys that we might as well have taken the money and burned it and left the roster spots open cause they are shittier than what we had. We aren’t like City who spends money on shit and then just buys someone then next window. Our funds are limited. Hope Milinstadt or whatever the fuck his name is can fix this.


JAYZUS you are a fucking joke, anything but your god Wenger huh. So now it is the boards fault for making wenger use the funds available they put that big glock right to his teple and make him splash that cash against his will and told him you must buy Laca and Xhaka, fuck right off you twat!


Lmao no that’s Wengers fault he really should be just made to manage and have slight input on the team, but someone who knows world talent like the back of his hand should be the one buying players.


I’d love to hear Gazidis views on how we are overachieving with those numbers, oh that’s right they don’t allow for questions at the AGM do they ?




Mental strength :wink:


Clearly something is up