Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


In all fairness, when we see a positive ‘Jan - Dec’ stat it is immediately ridiculed by many, don’t see why this shouldn’t be any different.

Very fucking disappointing to read all the same though. A Wenger hallmark!


The AKB types generally love calendar year type stats, none of them were in a hurry to bring up these particular ones though.


But at least we almost made a profit on transfers in the same period.
Who needs CL football and challenging for the title when we making massive profits for our owner?

We’ll be ok because our players have mental strength.
Wenger said it, so it must be true.




Shame our away form is trash


Our next home game is against spurs


Spurs usually don’t beat us at home…they’ve been forcing draws a lot lately but beat us…not so much. However they pound us at shite heart lane recently. Which reminds me, how epic is that away match to spurs gonna be this year. On our home ground and i’m assuming we will get a lot of tickets for that massive stadium. That will be fucking exciting!!


Sorry, it’s not our next home game.
We have our next game in the Europa League against Crvena Zvezda,


No. It’s not like a cup final where both teams get equal share of the stadium. As it’s the league its treated as spurs stadium so we only get a handful of away tickets




Also doesn’t have when every time you concede a penalty you have a keeper in goal who can never save one.



More away losses in 2017 than anyone not named Crystal Palace and Watford.


Since our win at Man City in Jan 15 we are 0-6-9 in 15 away games vs the big 5



Yet we have others on other threads saying it should of been 4-0


A welcome stat in these conflicting times. Every cloud and all that.


Surely if Man City only had nine shots but scored three goals, that’s not anything to brag about is it?
It’s a good job we limited them as much as we did then.