Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


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We always do something the best. :slight_smile:


Which Arsenal player - past or present - holds the record for earning the highest wage at a club?


Fabregas at Chelsea? Henry at Barca?


RVP at United ?


Gervinho at China?


You have probably nailed it, when I re read her post I thought its likely to be some kind of trick question.


It is indeed Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi over there in China, currently earning a fortune for Hebei Fortune.

He’s the 9th highest earning footballer in history on about 15m a year. Pogba is far and away the highest earner in the Prem and is 11th on the list.

I think Gervinho earns more than any player in Europe apart from Neymar, Messi, Ronald and Bale




No surprise as we love September and October.



Bobby Zamora. Forgot about that one.


Wow… That is actually pathetic


Its obvious the players are snake motherfuckers do you reckon ANY of these players are laying at their full capacity. I guess if this is what it takes for us to get rid of that cunt wenger, long may it continue. I kinda hope in a way the players go pure chavski/leicester on the fucker so we end up midtable this year and force the fucker out. No doubt though this useless fucking board will just see it as a blip and wenger is the right man for the job and will renew his contract so he has time to fix the problems ‘and he has the right to do so as a faithful servant to the club he is owed the chance to sort things out’


Another one for you. It’s not getting any better :see_no_evil:


SWANS have more away points this entire year??? FFS that is an insane stat… and we are behind Spurs by EIGHTEEN f*ing points on that measure… fact is, sample size is plenty big enough to say that is a pretty dire indictment.


Relegation form! Sack the baguette immediately!


Wow! Calum in full Arsenal negative stats mode :wenger:


Better? :wink: