Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread



Its Juventus you bloody hipster


If you weren’t there you’re square :nerd_face:


Le Prof is still breaking records!


Technically that’s not a record. It’s just doing something again a long time after the last time you did it lol






We have finally improved this aspect :mustafi:


Good one from the BBC:-

  • Arsenal have won each of their last nine home matches on the final day of the season, scoring four times in each of the last five.





interesting, i wonder how our averages compare to teams individually.

Id imagine Chelsea and United are surprisingly worse off.



Interesting that 3 of our highest shots on target faced have come in the last 4 seasons.


I wonder how much of that is the increase in talent across the board.

Players like Shaqiri at stoke for example, not a world beater but certainly a class act and a hugely formidable footballer.

Or perhaps in retrospect players like Song were infact a good DM!


Yeah it would be part of the contributing factor for sure.



More headed goals than a Pulis team. Scenes