Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Yeah they have but 1 0 to The Arsenal is our DNA or was.


Bottlers FC


Who gives a fuck.


Think it’s the first time ever Tottenham have gone unbeaten in 6+ against us, according to their programme anyway (Won 2, Drawn 4).

Want to come up with a suitable hashtag but all I’m thinking is #pathetic with a hint of #WengerOut




No innovation up front. Combination of poor management and the inability of our attacking players to use their brain.


All that and lack of creativity from the midfield. 35 million pound investment a big part of that. Tbh weve played a lot of games in the last couple of seasons were nothing happens. Its tiresome and sucks the life out of people as a spectacle. We do play some decent football at times but never excite.


Fucking hell no away wins against the TOP 12! :joy::joy::cry:


That single one was Vardy at the Emirates

Only Hull have conceeded more penalties than us this season.


Would love to analyse those 9 for UNLUCK, plus how many were rash tackles like Gabriel and how many in general are due to our unorganised defence just not removing the ball from the penalty box in time.


Think we were the best until december. What a collapse!


@Calum does love bleak stats :hipster:


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:194, topic:420, full:true”]
@Calum does love bleak stats
[/quote]Not as much as you saying we’re in a relagation battle :wink:


Fair point. 1-1 :wink:




[quote]The longest runs without conceding in Champions League history
Jens Lehmann Arsenal (2005-06) 853 minutes
Keylor Navas Real Madrid (2014-16) 737 mins
Edwin van der Sar Ajax (1995-96) 653 mins
Dida AC Milan (2004-05) 623 mins
Gianluigi Buffon Juventus (2016-17) 600 mins[/quote]

How did I not know this :facepalm:


Jens just refused to concede at all costs also, managed to get himself sent off before conceding in the final.


not like we did it the easy way either. Ajax, Madrid, Turin, the strongest ever Villarreal side at the time.

As I said in t’other thread, it’s one of our better records. After the Invincibles it stands on its own