Arsenal Reserves & Youths


That was actually a decent generation. Wilshere, Coquelin, Lansbury, Bartley, Ozyakup, Sunu all had pretty reasonable careers. I think Gibbs had already been promoted too about that time and maybe Szczesny. No stars but good players nonetheless.


Yeah and I’m proud of us and Wenger for giving them a chance, showing that there is always a path to the first team if you perform well.

Underlines our non plastic credentials by not sending them to vitesse or America or some shit.


Better than our first team! :wenger:


Nelson and Nketiah :giroud2: we’re about to win the PL!!!

2 - I think



Finally a League title for us!


Need a season compilation video of Nketiah and Nelson.



The under 18s aren’t as good as the under 23s :see_no_evil:

We’re still going to finish above Spurs though


Bet arsenal under 18’s 9-0. Another trophy for Spurs!


U18s are pretty great actually, in the Youth cup final and doing well in the league.

Basically, game in which the only interesting players are 15 year olds because all the others are resting for the final = result which we shouldn’t give two fucks about


Yep. Going to finish second in that league.

Our youth in general has been doing well lately. There has to be at least a few stars amongst the lot :pray:


They’ll get a fake cheap plasticy (like their club) trophy with it imprinted on it for their cabinet.


They have one space left for it aswell!


Open bus parade for Spurs!


If anyone’s interested…


Shame. Smith-Rowe I heard played well.

Looks like Vitesse are pretty set for the future.


No double for us, then.


Yeah i watched it, he was our standout – but the whole team look pretty decent.

The problem is, Chelsea’s youth team is something else. They’ve won this cup 4 years in a row (probably going to be 5).

Their youth squad has so much talent – yet rather than try to bring them into the first team, they stockpile them and send most of them on loan continuously. Considering some of the dross their first team has (Ross Barkley anyone) it’s surprising that more of the youngsters don’t get more of a chance.


If anyone cares, we’re getting absolutely smashed! 4-0 to Chelsea so far. 7-1 on agg!


Results are the least important in youth football.