Arsenal Reserves & Youths


it’s the Charlton effect, we loaned them Song and Coq and they turned into arsenal first teamers


I wish I could be like Jeorge Bird and be invested in our youth set up. I feel like I’d probably still care more about things Arsenal in general if I did.


tbh there isn’t much point in paying attention to the youths, most end up getting sold anyway


Great goal


Our under-23 leading Everton 3-0. Nelson with this goal :cech:

4-0 FT. Eddie :giroud3:


Greek Boy had a great game too. It’d be so awesome if we’ve uncovered a gem there.



When will feta boy start with the big boys


Loved the 3rd goal but wtf did he do to himself on the second to end up on the floor? :grinning:


Mavropanos is a huge guy and quite athletic from what I saw of the last game that was streamed, that alone is enough to destroy u23 level.


Sven knows :kos2:


Holding started off well

So did Chambers

I see a pattern…


Looked a good passer from the back in the game I watched against United.


Hopefully passes under the radar a bit by virtue of not being English, and becomes a monster player


What. A. Name.


Better FK taker than Xhaka. Shame it was against the mighty Colchester though.

Seems like we have some decent talent coming through.


Colchester so shit :arteta:


This one went under the radar


Emirates busier than usual!


Congrats guys!