Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Nothings been said but my guess would be new year, most likely February. I think Fekir was out for 7 months and that was said to be quite quick.





u18s putting in work



At least our current youngsters look so good. We have a future.


I like his name. Maybe because I keep thinking of Tre Cool.



Dunno about this Dragomir at LWB business, seen it a few times when I’ve bothered to look at the match reports for the youngins. Even seen him played at CF…can’t be the best for his development.

Goal for Jeff off a deflection but deserved after some nice composure. Been impressive in the early stages Jeff.

Reiss Nelson looks a bit indifferent. :confused:


Aw so cute. They’ll be wishing they could have stayed young forever once they make their way into the shambles of a first team.


Puta! :cech: :giroud2:


Iwobi and bellerin were the best Academy players in recent times and have been far from convincing as top class players. And I highly rate bellerin.

I don’t know if it is Wenger or what, but we have not been producing top talent and the ones we produce that look like TC players end up like bellerin and iwobi.


Great goals


Wish our first team could do the same.


Jeff is alive.



at least one arsenal side can beat Liverpool




Bayern! We got our revenge, you bloody germans :kos2: