Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Jack the madman!


How is he an idiot? Jack has had terrible injury issues his whole career. To be in a meaningless match like this, and have to endure bad out of control challenges from some kid trying to make a name for himself, makes no sense. Jack has two kids, this is how he provides for his family. If some dumb ass were interfering with my ability to put food in my kids mouths, I would do the same. Anyways we didn’t see the context either, for all we know this City kid could have been doing this all match, and even if it is an isolated incident it was still an out of control bad challenge. Jack needs to let them know that kind of shit isn’t going to happen without repercussions, don’t care how old you are.


I understand his reasoning for getting worked up but having a pop at a couple of kids isn’t on. Even if the twatty team-mate of the Citeh tackler didn’t need to come in all guns blazing.

Poor form, Jack.


You’ll feel differently when you and your husband adopt a child.


Even with him, Wilshere initiated the tussle. Look closely.


Aye, but as he’s running in he’s squaring up. Jack started with the physicality though, you’re dead on, didn’t notice that.


Not surprised he reacted like he did. He got clattered.


Lol. Guys got like 10-15m banked id say.


Anyone have a vid of Nelson’s second goal?

Wilshere looked good in the first half but hard to judge much at that pace…

I do agree with people who say he’s got every right to be pissed about a tackle like that. Don’t blame at all for ‘fighting kids’ there, sometimes you gotta give them little fellers a smack over the head when they get outta control.



Aww, thanks weon. :kissing_heart:

Quality finish there too. Imagine Welbeck scoring a goal like that…


Welbeck would have converted it into a throw-in.


anyone got his first one? I didnt get to see it.


Still he’s got s lifestyle to protect. You think his wife wants to trade in her Mercedes for a ford?



Strong line-up for the match. Two games in two days for Nelson, though granted he only played 10 minutes last night.


Why waste time with Akpom.



Nice to see collapsing isnt exclusive to the senior team.




Could’ve at least shown us his face to see how it looked on him. :frowning:

When’s he supposed to be back?