Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Hah was just about to say Coquelin and Wilshere playing in the under 23’s is very 2009!


I guess bieliks loan at hoffenhiem hasn’t started yet?


probably means the end for Coq and Gibbs, I think Jack just needs this game time as he’s been injured


It was Frankfurt and I’m not sure what’s going on with Bielik, he himself said he was going to Norwich and that never happened and then the Frankfurt loan broke down.

Wilshere is an old man :joy:


Jack back where he belongs @Persona :hipster:



Still no word of Sancho?



Given that our manager is Don Quixote, we just have to sign this kid…


Cracker from Reiss Nelson again for the U23s today.


Yeah fabulous shot… and Nketiah sure does know where the back of the net is… nice play by AMN to give him the first one.


Time to give him a run with our big boys.


Another nice goal - good pass by Wilshere… AMN needs to sort his head out… passing the ball to City for fun atm.


another goal for nelson i didnt see his first one but his 2nd one was quite good.


The kids great. How has Jack done?


Nicely until now… just got sent off… reacted to a bad foul and shoved the City kid…


Lmao, don’t blame him. In a youth match he’s got everything to lose if someone makes a rash challenge on him.


Our defensive brainlessness seems to pervade… can’t believe how wide open we can be at times… both goals we are all over the place and don’t seem to have any sense to cover.


Wilshere fighting kids :joy: