Arsenal Pre-season thread




Maybe it’s time Arsenal fans adjust their (supposed) bench mark for this football club. Not just whilst Wenger is here, but after that too.


I didn’t watch the Chelsea match but that lineup looked like a league cup side we put out there. I wouldn’t be too concerned.


It’s not really about the line up, it’s about how were outplayed by a chelsea side we’re ahead of in terms of fitness and acclimatization.

Obviously this illness must have played a part but that is linked backed to the tour. Doing a public preseason in a place Asia presents a less controlled environment than the solitude of Austria.


Agree. The tour was 90% for commercial reasons rather than football. We’ve travelled a lot and we will be jaded for the start of the season because of it. But then again football these days is about the brand and followers just as much as the football as well.


According to Arsene Wenger, the reason we didn’t perform against Chelsea was because we were “jaded”. It’s July and we’re already jaded!

But our tour is over now, the season is 3 weeks away so :crossed_fingers:


Traveling a lot does that to you.


Didn’t we have a bunch of players get sick with food poisoning?


Yes, traveling all over the world and playing games every few days can do that to you. And again, food poisoning is not a myth.


Bigger and more succesful clubs than Arsenal have been travelling across Asia, the States etc for years and years now.


Yeah that was kinda my point. I said we’re jaded, but fortunately we have 3 weeks until the start of the season… I didn’t mention food poisoning in that post, I simply stated what Wenger said after the game.



Got to love an article with no direct quotes, no names and no actual source. Clickbait much.


I remember when Chelsea lost all of their preseason games, and looked bloody awful.

They won the league that season.

Morale of the story, is to not make conclusions based on preseason results. Apart from fitness, they’re mostly irrelevant.


Just focus on the Europa League and domestic cups.


I’m not in the least bit surprised they lost. They were in China for how many days in total exactly? Seemed like no more than 7 days, TWO games in that time with the heat, after coming from the cold of Australia, then the publicity side of it all which must be full on TIRING, having to do all that. Some of them won’t like doing it either, do that’s more nervous energy being spent. Then the sickness bug on top of that, lack of sleep etc Different food

All in all it’s a negative, bring back Austria


Sydney was between 19-22 the few days I was in town, I know for Australia that is cold middle of winter and all and compared to what it is in China, just seems funny seeing a British person calling it cold.


I’m just throwing it out there, thought it might be of interest to people, not putting any stock in it.

@sevchenko how do you know we’re ahead of Chelsea in terms of fitness? Genuinely asking


@Oliver @JakeyBoy if you actually read that artical all the medical staff are disagreeing with wenger on is that it’s a virus and not food poisoning and all wenger said was “I think it’s food poisoning”.

So bad it’s almost good lol


I did read it before posting it but thanks for the explanation mate lol