Arsenal Pre-season thread


When has Wenger really made multiple signficant changes for improvement in one summer though? We can look for internal solutions and growth though, we have some top top quality throughout the squad.


What exactly has he done wrong? lol


Basically we need to get revenge on Chelsea in Community Shield


Did they get revenge on us today for the FA Cup final?


Yeah and our FA Cup win was revenge for beating us a few months earlier, and so on


The problem we have now in any game against Chelsea is that we don’t treat it like a derby.

When they had powerhouses like Drogba and Lampard and Essen, we had featherweights like Fabregas and Walcott. Instead of showing 100% concentration and desire and effort, we “played out own game”, played right into their hands and continuously got hammered (I can recall getting hammered twice at home by a 3 goal margin twice in the space of 3 years- that shouldn’t happen inn a derby match)

That similar attitude we had back between 2006 and 2012ish (a long time in football) seems to have carried over into more recent games against Chelsea, resulting in capitulations like yesterday and the debacle at Stamford Bridge in February


He got revenge on us yesterday :wink:


Obviously the revenge stuff is a joke as football isn’t that deep


That pitch in China was awful and Lacazette had a poor touch which got coverage because of the pitch. I know Asia pre seasons generate money but would a cool European resort not make a better pre season for the squad? :thinking:


Of course somewhere closer would be better for the players but I wouldn’t want to begrudge fans from across the world the chance to watch us. For some people in Australia, China etc, these pre season tours are the only chance they get to see their favourite teams.


They’re just kangaroo/noodle eaters in the words of @Luca_from_Italy :grinning:


Kangaroo tastes nice for what its worth.


And rice cunts :xhaka:


We play Sevilla and Leipzig too soon. Just paella and beer pricks :wink:


I can’t but feel this Asia tour has been a massive waste of time and energy. For me the season starts on 6th August we don’t look ‘ready’ at all.

I just don’t feel confident this is the start of a title winning season


China trip or not we aren’t getting close to winning the league.


That assessment just doesn’t include pre season tour…

It includes things like signings, Squad composition and tactics etc


I’m slightly worried we’ve done too much travelling, not sure how it compares to what other clubs are doing.

Our squad is definitely not ready and it won’t be when the window closes.

Will wait and see before I say for sure but I think we’re starting to see what I feared when Wenger signed that extension.


Seems like the fucking board and wenger STILL have not learned about getting fucking signings done and getting players gelled with the squad before the 2nd match of the season, its a fucking waste.


Wouldn’t surprise me if Leicester beat us with Mahrez scoring :wenger: