Arsenal Pre-season thread


They’ll just send him a picture of the PL trophy back lol… you’re setting Jakey up for failure haha

e:/ not that he doesn’t deserve it for the 5€ he cost me last season


He is the epitome of why people hate chavski so much got a fucking big gob and in reality they are a bunch of fucking rentboys…how does Abramovichs dick taste you scrub!


If you are aware its an actual issue then dont just dismiss is as some non entity, equally if you are aware its just a friendly even less reason to be too bothered.

Would have been nice to win today, nothing more.


Could be because he’s off on loan? I searched Jeff on twitter and all I saw was one report that Wenger wants him gone, and it didn’t seem the best of sources. We just gave him another first team squad number a month ago (#22), so it would seem odd for there to be such a rash decision re: his future at the club, when he was being fast-tracked into the first-team just last season (instead of the likes of Willock).

Honestly, though, wtf is going on with our youth talent on the fringes of the first team? It used to be one of Wenger’s strengths, convincing young players that they had a future here…now we’ve lost Gnabry, Willock, and will Jeff be the third?


They were supposed to thrash us. Do you remember it? :xhaka:


OK boss


The day I’m not bothered by losing to Chelsea is the day I pack it all in and start following netball.


I’d say that’s most likely what will happen.

Nelson time.


We beat Bayern on penalties playing quite well. Now we lose playing crap. Shit happens. Move on.


No mention in here of our rare as fuck but perhaps slightly promising 4-0 win over Bayern?

I’d apologise for the smugness but after the last five years which were very humbling, I’ll enjoy any possible false dawn going. Just please fassone, get Belotti!


I won’t be losing any sleep over this result. Win or lose, the main thing about pre season results is that they don’t matter but that only means that we need never mention them again- they neither gain nor cost us anything. But is that really much consolation whilst actually watching arsenal play like utter shit?


Arsenal pre-season 2017/18


0-4 is decent. Milan revival starts now. :giroud3:

0-4 with none of the ball…


Giroud with a first touch that Lukaku would be proud of.


Time to move on.


Yeh you’ve said that already.


Move on to the beach. Why bother with this game :slight_smile:


Joe Willock looks tall as fuck, no?


Yep. With some good signings we’ll be fighting for the league next season. Sorry, force of habit there- shouldn’t be saying that until at least the 12th of August.


Saw someone tweet this list recently, a decent list of guys we should be looking at imo. We know for a fact Kampl was about to move for less than €30m, that’s likely doable and would improve us significantly.

Seri has a €40m clause.

A week until our next game, hopefully we’ll have done something by then but I don’t think it’s likely.


Yeah, just back from the sea :wenger: