Arsenal Pre-season thread


Conte pizza boy wanted revenge for the F.A. Cup. He got it, but we won the most important trophy :wink:



Hell no.

Seriously, i don’t think he’s having a good pre-season other than a short cameo in midfield in one of the AUS games I think. He looked really good at the World Cup last month in midfield too.


He hasn’t looked good there in pre-season? I thought he played well at RB in Carling Cup last season so figured RWB would fit him well.


That’s it, our title hopes are over :hipster:

On a serious note though, I’m not convinced that Cohen Brammall is even League 2 level.


Aidan Mcgeady ran him ragged mate lol


Ozil is quite quick; he speed is underrated


Redcafe already saying Laca is shit. Eat your shit, Mourinho’s cocksuckers :hipster:


You could have posted that over there.


He probably has done.


Trying to be balanced :wink:


Did he haha? I thought the consensus was that he acquitted himself well.


Still a mentality issue for me. The way we got caught straight from the kick off, that short corner and the second goal was typically worrying. I know it’s pre season but shit is still shit.


Who gives a fuck what they say lol.


Cant do much as a striker with fuck all service can you! Bramall is not good enough he needs more development he has been awful.


So is the game worth watching?

e:/ My ears hurt listening to itv.


Lol, can we not play Giroud because we didn’t include him in the squad? LOOOOOOL :joy:


Lol Wenger is pissed off :joy:


Shit like this really winds me up. I know it’s only pre-season but we’ve seen this kind of negligence in the previous season too with the captain fiasco.

Sort out your fucking house Wenger you tit.


Lol this club is ridiculous!

He shouldn’t be allowed to play really!