Arsenal Pre-season thread


Bramall as CB?


Nope, AMN.


Lol, Chelsea looking for revenge it seems. Full strength team out


Lacazette’s first touch seems to be rivalling Lukaku’s here :see_no_evil:


Laca has looked awful back to goal, hopefully the pitch is having an influence, seen a few incidents that suggests it probably is.

Apparently a game was recently called off because of this pitch, that might not have been a bad idea today.


Where’s Jeff? Just ocurred to me that it’s weird he’s not here when the likes of Joe Willock are. I’m guessing he was playing in some youth tournament for France this summer?


Sell him. He is crap :hipster:


He was injured. There has also been a lot of reports here & in France Wenger wants to sell him, rumours he’s upset him.

This too


Attitude/work ethic issues?


Chelsea should be 2 or 3-0 up lol.


We are shit. We have Wenger :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:


Yeah we’ve been all over the place and created fuck all.


Decent goal from Willian

2-0 Batman class finish

Sack everyone


Bramall has had a poor half


I was ironic. We are basically playing without defence :hipster:


I called for him to get minutes last season and considered him versatile but it’s starting to become clear AMN should only get minutes in midfield.

Not sure.








Does midfield include RWB?